Boost for startup and small businesses

Boost for startup and small businesses

The concept of Bizblog Business Directory is to increase the business exposure, lead to a potential sale and for the business owners to interact with the Bizblog users or its followers.  Our platform is embedded with Google SEO and Geolocation Map which can increase the businesses listed in our directory.

Google SEO in short is the practice of optimizing sites to (attempt to) make them appear in a high position in the organic search results, therefore your business can be seen.  One of the features in Bizblog is using the user’s Geolocation position(if allowed by the user), this will display all the business available surrounding the user.  Should the Geolocation not allowed by the user, it will display a default location that is set by Bizblog.  The map doesn’t only uses the user’s geolocation position, but is also used in the search function of the site.  The users can search for a specific location with a set radius and all the business available in the searched area will be displayed on the map including in the search result.

So, even if you don’t have a website, by listing your business on Bizblog may increase the possibility of your business being seen online, as Bizblog’s business directory platform is Google Search Engine Optimized, it will simply increases the possibility of the business being seen in the search results.  As to our Geolocation map, users on Bizblog will be able to see all available businesses at his/her location or in search results, this will give all businesses listed on Bizblog an increase in exposure.

Where as a website can be an ongoing cost with monthly hosting and maintenance fees, Bizblog offers FREE business listing and for additional features starting from as less as R100 a month depending on your requirements.

Our Subscription Packages varies in 4 different level, select the one that suites you best – increase your business exposure and reach your potential clients.

Sign up HERE and have your business listed on Bizblog.

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