Getting Started

Signing up

Click on SIGN UP and enter your email address and your desired username and password then select the subscription type.

Creating a Business listing

In User Account page->My Business Tab->Click Add New Business and follow the setups to enter the required information of the business.

How do i buy something on BIZBLOG

Find the product that you would like to purchase and click on Add to Cart, you may view the cart and check out from there.

Member Subscriptions

Cancellations, Transfers or Refunds

The membership subscription cannot be cancelled, transferred or refunded once the subscribed.

Membership downgrade/upgrades

The membership subscription cannot be downgraded but if you would like to upgrade to the next level package, you may do so by contacting our customer care.

Purchasing products on BIZBLOG

Orders, Cancellations, Exchange & Returns, Refunds and Shipment & Deliveries.

All products offered and sold on BIZBLOG is from a third-party or business listed on the BIZBLOG business directory.  Orders placed on BIZBLOG is sent directly to the relevant party or businesses.  BIZBLOG is not in any way involved with the transaction besides forwarding the orders to the relevant party or business.  Please ensure you have read their terms & conditions regards to ordering or purchasing such a product.


What is your office hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:30

How to get in touch with BIZBLOG

From our Contact Page or email us at [email protected]

I don't have a credit card, can I still buy or subscribe from BIZBLOG

Yes, you may do a direct deposit or EFT to our bank account with your order reference number or Username if for a membership subscription

Where can I email my proof of payment by EFT or Direct deposit

Please email the proof of payment to [email protected]

I forgot my password what do i do now

You may reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password? in the sign in page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you may contact our supports team to reset the password.

How do I sign up for your newsletter

Simply enter your name and email address at the bottom of our website where it shows subscribe to newsletter


What are my payment options

Cash deposit
Electronic fund transfer(EFT)

What is BIZBLOG's banking details

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Holder: Maitec (PTY) LTD
Account Number: 62418352267
Branch Code: 250108
Account Type: Current/Cheque Account