Making online business easy

Making online business easy

One of the biggest advantage of having an online store is that you are not restricted to sell your products within a certain range of your store.  Developing a basic entry level eCommerce website could potentially cost anything from R10000 onwards.  Putting the website development cost aside, basic monthly fees on hosting, maintenance, payment gateway/bank charges could cost up to R1000 if not more without making any sales.  The downside of an eCommerce store is that you will have to advertise and market the website for web users to know the existence of the site, this is where cost can really build up and the results might not be as appealing as thought.

Bizblog offers a Gold membership with Vendor Platform where business owners can have the business listed in the directory to increase business exposure in search results and also with the ability to sell products on Bizblog from as little as R225 a month (T & Cs apply). Business owners will have the ability to manage their own stock and communicate with the consumer directly, saving time and additional cost.  Find out more about our Gold Membership here.

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